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product thumbnail for Imported San Marzano Tomatoes D.O.P.
Brand Name: La Valle
San Marzano tomatoes grown and packed in Italy. 28oz.can. This is a company that was stared in 1949 and has maintained excelent guality. You will not be diappointed.
Our Price:$ 5.25

product thumbnail for 6 in 1 Ground Tomatoes
Brand Name: 6 in 1
Hand selected ground whole tomatoes!
Our Price:$ 4.89

product thumbnail for Improted Tomatoe Paste
Brand Name: La Valle
Packed in Italy from tomatoes grown in tne s san marzano region. Size, 6oz.can
Our Price:$ 0.99

product thumbnail for Italian Tomato Puree with Basil
Brand Name: La Valle
Passate Di Pomodoro, Strained Tomatoes with basil. 24 oz. bottle
Our Price:$ 4.55

product thumbnail for Bruschetta Sauce
Brand Name: Bellino
This is the complete sauce in one step. 17oz.jar.
Our Price:$ 9.59

product thumbnail for Mancini Roasted Peppers
Brand Name: Mancini
Sweet Roasted Peppers!
Ready to Serve!
Our Price:$ 4.99

product thumbnail for Pagliaggi
Brand Name: Pagliaggi
This is only made in the Chicago area. They have the formula.
Our Price:$ 8.75

product thumbnail for Muffuetta Italian Olive Salad
Brand Name: Pagliaggi
This is the topping that is put on those famous sandwiches from New Orleans. 16oz. jar
Our Price:$ 7.95

product thumbnail for Lupini Beans
Brand Name: Cento
Lupini beans are ready to eat and they will make you remember the bast.
Our Price:$ 10.99

Brand Name: Pagiaggi
This is mild and not qiute as hot as the hot giardiniera. Put it on your sub and still get the taste without the heat. 16oz.jar
Our Price:$ 7.75

product thumbnail for Porcini Mushrooms
Brand Name: Porcini Mushrooms
A very distinct taste and aroma.They are dried and must be soaked in water until soft. Sold by the oz. Imported from Italy.
Our Price:$ 9.00

product thumbnail for Eggplant  Appetizer
Brand Name: Caponata
A great appetizer served at lunch or dinner on pizza, italian bread, focaccia or hard rolls.
Our Price:$ 5.29

product thumbnail for Marinated Mushrooms
Brand Name: Giovanni's
Domesticly grown and packed. They have a taste that will make you want to have more.
Our Price:$ 7.50

product thumbnail for Luigi Vitelli Piennolo
Brand Name: Luigi Vitelli
PomodorinoDel Piennolo Del Vesuvio D.O.P.
Our Price:$ 17.95

14 Items found - Viewing Page 1 of 1 [Multi-Page View]