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product thumbnail for Wine Cured Salami
Brand Name: Molinari
A San Francisco wine-cured dry salami. Delicious!
Our Price:$ 15.95

product thumbnail for Provolone Ball
Brand Name: BelGioioso
Semi sharp Italian eating cheese. Sold whole. Weight is apx. 1lb12oz.
Our Price:$ 29.95

product thumbnail for Hot Sopressata
Brand Name: Daniele
Dry sausage with that special combination of spices and red pepper.
Our Price:$ 13.95

product thumbnail for Sweet Sopressata
Brand Name: Daniele
Dry Sausage with the right comdination of spices but not red pepper.
Our Price:$ 12.95

product thumbnail for Ricotta Salata/Mizithra
Brand Name: Mizithra
Hard grating ricotta that is great on pasta or soup. apx. pound and half balls more or less.
Our Price:$ 24.50

product thumbnail for Salami Secci
Brand Name: Columbus
A very tasty salami that is hung and dried. The combination of spices will have you asking for more. Sold by the piece.
Our Price:$ 15.95

product thumbnail for Tonno
Brand Name: Cento, Genova
Tonno packed in olive oil and the taste is great.
Our Price:$ 5.79

product thumbnail for Fresh Italian Sausage
Brand Name: Niccoli's Homemade Italian
Made from Boston Butts, all pork with salt,pepper and fennel seed. For the hot we add crushed chiles.Sold by the lb.
Our Price:$ 5.95

product thumbnail for Chevalatta Italian Ring Sausage
Brand Name: Niccoli's Chevallatta sausage
Made with sheep's casing, Imported Romano Cheese and Italian parsley. 10 lb min. and $10.00 a lb.
Our Price:$ 100.00

product thumbnail for Simmenthal
Brand Name: Simmenthal
Jellied Cured Beef. Product of Italy. This product is not available now because of a problem in Italy. When is has been resolved we will have it again.
This product is not being imported into the US at this time. USDA has stopped it for the past 3 years.

12 Items found - Viewing Page 1 of 2 [Show All]
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